cannabis grow temperature indoors

Cannabis grow temperature indoors

Flowering Stage: In the flowering stage (when cannabis plants start making buds), it’s best to keep temps slightly cooler, around 65-80°F (18-26°C). This isn’t for the plants themselves as much as to ensure the best bud quality. Slightly cooler temperatures in the second half of the flowering stage helps produce the best bud color, trichome production, density, and smell. To really bring out colors, aim for a 10°F (8°C) difference between day and night. More about temps in the flowering stage.

7 Essential Concepts About Temperature Control

This plant is drooping after experiencing a cold night

Temperature & Humidity Adjustment Cheat Sheet

Strain Makes a Difference!

Cannabis grow temperature indoors

The optimal relative humidity is around 40-60% in the grow room. Staying closer to the lower end is important during flowering. Grow room temperature and humidity must be controlled together for optimal cannabis production.

Finding out how to control temperature and humidity in a grow tent using these appliances is pretty easy if you monitor your room with thermometers and hygrometers.

What About Humidity?

With that in mind, utilizing temperature control to help your indoor plants thrive is imperative for indoor marijuana growing success. So, what temperature do plants grow best when in a vegetative state?

Manipulating your grow room temperature for flowering can also bring out purple, blue, and pink colors in the buds themselves when the temperature is low enough.

How To Control The Temperature In Your Grow Room

Learning how to lower grow room temperature and humidity will make or break your indoor ganja grow. You can find the ideal temp for indoor grow room operations with a variety of appliances: