cannabis grow calendar

Cannabis grow calendar

Vegetative stages can last between four to eight weeks. The longer you leave the plant in the vegetative stage, the more it will grow during the flowering stage.

At this stage, you will be flushing the rest of the nutrients from your crop and preparing for the next crop. Generally, you will have about 1 to 2 weeks where you can choose to harvest your plants, depending on your preference. Check out our guide on the right time to harvest.

Week 3 and 4

During the final weeks of the vegetative stage, your plants will begin to get ready to enter the flowering stage. Male plants will develop pollen sacs between their nodes while female plants grow white pistils. Only female plants grow flower buds.

During week seven, you can begin the flushing stage by feeding your plants only fresh water until harvest. As your plants mature, you want to remove as much of the nutrients from the crop to improve its aroma, flavor, and overall quality.

Week 8

Optimal indoor garden conditions during the vegetative stage:

Again, you will only add the above amounts once a week during this time and stop this schedule after week 8 is complete.

During the first few weeks of flowering, your plants will stretch. Some strains stretch more than others, so hopefully, you listened and didn’t get the plants so big in veg that the buds turn to crisp against the light bulbs.

Usually, we will add a nice thick layer of compost to the top of each plant at the start of the week. Then, water in the Bio-Phos and alfalfa tea right after applying the top dress. This is also a great time to do another foliar application of neem oil as done during week 2 of veg.

Week 3

Then for the rest of the first week, just be sure your soil remains hydrated.

Light Schedule: 18 hours on and 6 hours off

After the plants have dried, you will want to cut the branches from the stalk and place in a container/tub or brown paper bag. You will trim the plant from these containers. Once done trimming, place the buds into a glass jar, like a Mason Jar. Every few days, you will likely need to let air out of the jar. This is also known as, burping the jar. You will do this until the moisture you desire is reached.

Week 1

Again, we add the first application once at the start of the week. Then, 3 to 4 days later, you apply application #2. This is continued up until a week before putting the plants into flower.

Personally, we simply add one-application of the following the first week: