cannabis grow bible

Cannabis grow bible

Claiming to know everything is a strong assertation to make. I believe that a growing manual should try and reference source material as much as possible. I believe growing is a science but I am also aware that it is an art. Every grower has his own point of view, and being critical of another grower’s opinion is not the way to improve. The best grower is critical of himself, always.

Cannabis cultivation and research continues to take place, and although the amount of care we take is vital, more important is to do things right. In the first edition of this book I proposed the rule, “Never Tell a Soul that You Are Growing Cannabis!” This principle, when examined in practice, turns out to be completely baseless and practically impossible, leaving me hard-pressed to believe it and forced to relegate it to myth. In order to gain good cannabis genetics, you will need to make and cultivate contacts somehow. Don’t panic if you have bought this book and suddenly find yourself feeling as if you’ve done something wrong; you’ve done nothing wrong, and in fact you’ve made the right choice for a guide. Writers can write whatever they please, you can read whatever you like, and this book will show you how growing cannabis is done correctly.

Cannabis enthusiasts take for granted that they like cannabis, but do they know that cannabis also likes them? That is symbiosis. We, as humans, sometimes have the tendency to see things from our own point of view. Imagine seeing things from another. Describe what the earth would look like from the point of view of the moon. Visualize how a stone would seem from the point of view of a sparrow. Picture what the world looks like from the point of view of cannabis. Think about how cannabis sees you.

Explaining genetics to people is not easy, but it is not too difficult either and the rewards for doing so are both intellectually stimulating and very productive. I not only wanted the reader to learn about genetics, I wanted the grower to feel genetics. Without electron microscopes we haven’t a hope of seeing genes themselves, but we can see and understand their phenotypes (how those genes are expressed in the way an organism appears to us).

Cannabis grow bible

This is the most accessible, attractive, and easy-to-use beginner’s guide to growing marijuana.

This book covers the basics of successful pot cultivation such as:

This is the novice marijuana grower’s handbook that guides readers through the absolute essentials of cannabis horticulture to produce the most potent buds. From where to buy seeds to sowing, nurturing, and maintaining a crop, this handy “Pot Bible” is essential for the perfect harvest.

Designed for beginning gardeners and experienced cultivators alike this guide will teach you how to grow big, potent buds quickly, safely and efficiently. Covers everything in depth from the small closet gardens to commercial warehouse operations and even greenhouse projects. Fully illustrated in color.

Format: Paperbound
Pages: 690
Publisher: Green Candy
Publishing status: Current
ISBN: 9781937866365
Item #: 6637256

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