can you grow weed outside in the winter

Can you grow weed outside in the winter

It is precisely from these places from where provide some of the most suitable seeds to grow in cold climates or in cold seasons, understanding the cold, as we have said, climate conditions with temperatures below 10 degrees, does not mean continuous frosts.

How cold affects marijuana

As we have already mentioned above, the best seeds for growing in cold climates or in winter periods are the indica strains, since most of them come from hostile climates such as India or Pakistan, and their genetics come from pure acclimated landraces developed naturally in high mountain climates, where growth in itself is already quite difficult and therefore those landraces have become more resistant to fungal pests and cold along the time.

The best varieties for cold climates

And in case you don’t dare to do a winter crop, in other posts we will try to work entirely indoor, mentioning the best tips for your indoor crop.

Can you grow weed outside in the winter

Growing in winter might mean doing some additional planning in advance to prevent the demise of your plants. But that doesn’t make it impossible. After a couple of seasons growing weed in a snowy winter, it should start to feel like second nature.

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Other things to consider when growing in winter

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If I start growing 1st day of winter in green house and remove the green house at 1st day of spring . When will I harvest flower . I wanna know if warm weather at april or may harm the flower or not ?
And can I harvest 2times (at may and at September )?

Can you grow weed outside in the winter

LED lighting may be all the rage, with optimised spectrum and longer life. But ageing HPS light technology does have one advantage – it produces a lot of heat. Often excess heat is regarded as a grow room problem. But if you have a cold grow room with cool external walls, an HPS light can perform the double function of lighting your plants and warming the room. Though be sure to consider grow room temperatures when the HPS lights are switched off.

Durban Poison is another member of the proven Dutch Passion Dutch outdoor seed collection with high THC levels and robust outdoor performance.

Outdoor temperatures of around 23ºC (around 73ºF) are ideal for outdoor cannabis growing. Temperatures of above 30ºC are best avoided, though in a warming climate that is difficult. Even Scandinavia has recorded summer temperatures above 30ºC in recent years.

9) Consider swapping your light and dark cycles

How to grow weed outdoors in winter?/Growing cannabis outdoors in winter? Unless you live in a climate with warm winters (such as a country close to the equator) it is simply impossible to grow cannabis outdoors with good results in winter months.

Hollands Hope grown outdoors in the mountains of Italy.

Durban Poison feminised (Dutch Outdoor)

That’s why many indoor growers grow autoflower seeds during the winter months. With 20 hours of daily light (or even 24 hours!) your grow light will be able to help keep the grow room warm. Though it’s worth adding that some of the latest and most efficient LED grow lights don’t produce much surplus heat at all. Older HPS lights, however, are less efficient and do produce plenty of heat which may come in useful during winter grows.

Cold roots simply can’t grow rapidly. If the root zone is left too cold for too long plant health will soon start to suffer and growth rates will slow. Indoor growers with plant containers positioned on a cold concrete floor will see the same issue.