can weeds grow through astroturf

Can weeds grow through astroturf

When you see weeds on and around artificial turf, your initial thought is probably that the weeds started growing underneath the turf and made their way through the backing. You might assume that the installers did not excavate all the weeds underneath the turf, resulting in weeds growing up through the artificial turf backing. This is simply not the case though.

Can Weeds Grow Through Artificial Turf?

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Can weeds grow through astroturf

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Simply use a leaf blower or stiff brush to get rid of the surface weeds. If you regularly brush the lawn, seeds will be removed and surface weeds will not appear. You can also cut back trees and hedges that hang over the lawn and drop seeds.

Surface weeds

If artificial grass has been incorrectly installed or has not got an effective backing, weeds could grow through the grass. You could pull up the artificial grass to repair the stone and weed membrane layers. If you don’t want to do this, the weeds can be pulled up in the same way as with grass. Afterwards treat the lawn with weed killer – a pet-friendly variety if you have animals.