can weed grow underwater

Can weed grow underwater

Illinois pondweed is similar to American pondweed, and can be easily confused. Leaves are oval in shape and float on the surface of the water, and are attached to a long stem.

NON NATIVE INVASIVE – Parrotfeather milfoil has stiff, bright green leaves that rise above the water like a forest of tiny fir trees. Leaves have a feather-like shape and are arranged in whorls around the stiff stem. Often creates dense mats on the surface of shallow water or on wet soil.

Unfortunately, this exotic plant is established in most states. It grows densely forming surface mats that prohibit recreation and displace desirable native plants communities.

Illinois Pondweed Management and Control

Clasping leaf pondweed leaves are wide and wavy, alternately arranged and have a broad base wrapping around the stem. The upper part of the stem is branched and leafy.

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Largeleaf Pondweed has thick, large stems. There broad leaves appear wavy and taper toward the stem. There are many types of large leaf pondweeds, a challenge to control .

Parrotfeather Management & Control

Common in the Naiad family, bushy pondweed is sometimes confused with chara. Leaves are tapered to a fine point with tiny spines. Also, known as Southern Naiad or Brittle Pondweed.

Curly-leaf pondweed is an exotic plant. Usually the first to appear in early spring. Key Identifiers: Leaf veins are clearly visible – wavy (scalloped) outer leaf edges.

Can weed grow underwater

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maryanne3087 said:
I’m going to assume the roots won’t receive enough oxygen and I’m also going to assume the plant won’t have any way to transpire water/exchange gases as the stomata are meant to be be dry in terrestrial plants.

God said:
I wonder if there’s potential for it surviving if you bubbled a good amount of air across the plant and provided adequate lighting. My guess is that water surface tension would mostly prevent the plant from absorbing any CO2, but

juke adro said:
Its not gonna live more than a few days. but snap up heaps of pics for the lols

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