can i use miracle grow potting mix for weed

Can i use miracle grow potting mix for weed

A lot of first-time growers use Miracle-Gro when cultivating their first cannabis plants, but you shouldn’t do this for the following reasons.

Every marijuana grower strives to have healthy weed plants that grow big and result in a THC-rich yield. The most important factors for healthy plant growth are good soil, adequate lighting, enough grow room, and water. And these factors differ depending on whether you’re growing your plants outdoors or indoors in grow tents.

Given that every marijuana plant’s need is different, your plants will probably need a specific marijuana fertilizer. This will vary depending on the type of cannabis you’re growing (Indica, Sativa, or hybrid) and the type of plants you have (auto-flowering or photoperiod).

Marijuana Fertilizers to Use Instead of Miracle-Gro

While having a lot of nutrients can lead to plants experiencing nutrient burn and result in a burnt plant, not having enough nutrients will result in a nutrient deficiency, so it’s important to provide your plant with a balanced amount of nutrients.

Growers who report positive experiences from using Miracle-Gro typically use a watered-down solution since this fertilizer provides a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t align with the different stages of growth of the cannabis plant. By trying to fertilize with it, you risk ruining your plants.

What Nutrients Do Your Cannabis Plants Need?

Generally, Miracle-Gro is suitable for plants with simple grow-cycles, and since marijuana isn’t one of those plants, it probably won’t be a good fit.

The other problem is that the Miracle-Gro blend contains slow-release Nitrogen which may harm the plants, reduce the yields in the final flowering stage, and give the plant an unpleasant chemical taste. As a result of that, many growers choose better soil or coco coir.

Be sure to check the potting soil of your choice before taking it home. The soil packaging should indicate the organic matter content so that you don’t end up purchasing soil with the wrong balance of the required nutrients. Remember that some of these soils may contain chemicals which, instead of doing good to your Marijuana, end up harming them or even worse, killing them. Use your hands to feel the texture of the soil. How do you know the soil is any good for your Pot? when you fold your palm, the soil should form into a ball and after that crumble after you release your palm. What we can conclude from this is that the soil is fluffy, airy, light, and is perfect for your cannabis plant.

The best soil for weed is that whose composition includes living organisms, minerals, water, organic material, and also air. All these ingredients form the soil composition making it ideal for plant growth. Organic composition in the soil help strengthen the cannabis plants while the minerals play a vital role in enhancing the proper growth while providing the soil with chlorophyll, water, and proteins. Crops need air much like every living organism.

Soil which contains water has a varying pH depending on the environment and other aspects like climate and human activities. Cannabis flourishes in slightly acidic soils of pH between 5.8 to 6.3. So, when you are choosing the best soil for your cannabis plants, keep in mind the pH level of the soil. Going slightly higher or lower than the recommended values will not kill the plant, but it will have negative impacts on the productivity of the plant leading to lower yields. So, make sure that you go for the soil that has a pH of 6.0.

For the cannabis plants to flourish, most of the potting soils need to be enhanced with supplements. Most of these potted soils only support the plants during their early days of the growing period after which they become depleted. Beyond this point, it becomes imperative to add supplements to the soil to enhance the existing nutrients for the benefit of your Marijuana. Be it organic matter or whichever other ingredients your preferred soil lacks, you can always top-up.

Last-minute check-ups

Soils that contain three parts peat moss, three parts compost, 1-part wet vermiculite, and two parts wet perlite are the best potting soils for growing your auto-flowering Pot. So be sure to check for these ingredients in the potting soils of your choice.

Examine the color of the potting soil to tell whether it is good for your Pot or not. The best soil for weed should be dark, given its rich nutrient content contrary to the pale, crumbly sandy soil. Remember that the right moisture is key to a healthy marijuana plant and so the pale sandy soil could mean it is deprived off moisture.

Whether its oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or even water vapor, they all contribute towards the health of your Pot. Water and microorganisms in the soil also contribute towards the great health of the cannabis plants.

Soil supplements enhanced growth

The answer is yes!

Some of the best ingredients that are crucial for the flourishing of your weed include Bat Guano, Coco Coir, Pumice, Perlite, Fishmeal, Compost, Plant Food, Worm Castings, Glacier Rock Dust, Vermiculite, Sandy Loam Kelp, Peat Moss, Dolomite Lime, Mycorrhizae. Don’t expect that all soils will come with all these ingredients present in them. Though some will come will all of them, most of the potting soils will come with different ingredients. These soils will normally be used direct from the bag with some being used for starters and others for bloom and veg. for others, you may be required first to grow your plants in the original soil and after that sprouting, transfer them to the potting mix in the container. Most of these soils are versatile and can be used in the greenhouse, pots, containers, and even in hydroponics.