can i grow marijuana in california

Can i grow marijuana in california

Since its establishment in 1983, the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting has had more than 110 law enforcement agencies involved, making it one of the largest law enforcement task forces in the U.S.

You can report an illegal business anonymously online at

Marijuana is legal for adults to use in 18 states and Washington, D.C. Medical marijuana is legal in 37.Most recently, New Mexico, Virginia and Connecticut legalized recreational cannabis.

State license issuance began in 2018, but data isn’t available for that initial year because they were issued as temporary licenses. Data sets begin in 2019, when 12-month annual and provisional licenses began to be issued, using the online licensing systems. Licenses remain active for one year, at which point they can be renewed for an additional 12 months. This list displays counts of when the licenses were first issued, but not each time one was renewed.

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Cannabis status by state

Illegal plants seized in California by year

Recreational cannabis sales began in January 2018, and while many have played by the rules, the illegal growth and sale of the plant continues to undermine those following the rules.

More than 1.11 million illegal plants were seized in 2020.

Licensed to grow, manufacture and sell

That would make it the eighth most valued commodity in California agriculture.

There are different licenses if you:

Cultivation licenses

Cannabis cultivators must have:

Water permits

The cannabis appellations program will:

Can i grow marijuana in california

Felony penalties are punishable by:

An expungement frees a defendant from many of the hardships associated with a criminal conviction. 8

5. Are there defenses to accusations of unlawful cultivation?

HS 11358 only applies to the cultivation of marijuana. This means it is always a valid defense for a defendant to say that:

The court is supposed to:

8.1. Simple possession of marijuana – HS 11357

Note that a criminal law exception exists for: