cali kush seeds

So glad to have found this. Another strain that could relieve my epilepsy. I super love that it has a super low thc level. It’s so easy to grow both indoor and outdoor but I prefer it right next to my bedroom balcony for easy access. I am so overwhelmed that my condition is stabilizing when I start using this. Thanks to Sonoma Seed good buy and great service!

Robert Jiron – December 21, 2020

Dwight Wade – December 16, 2020

When I grew this Cali Kush CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds, I honestly faced several difficulties. With golden orange colored trichomes and a very deep and complex sweet, lemon-citrus-pine scent, this bud is so lovely. A very cool strain. Howver, this strain also helps me a lot with my sleepless night. Thanks for the excellent service, 5-star all the way!!

Cali Kush Grow Info

Antoine Grealish – December 2, 2020

R33V3R – August 12, 2019

Aside from a few other strains I love to grow and collect, this is another one I want to add to my collection. I highly recommend this strain due to its high potent CBD component. I am also suffering from a medical condition, which needed a marijuana strain that is potent to get me going and this one is worth adding to my strains of treatment!

Cali Kush Effects & Features

OMG! This has got to be the most effective treatment for someone like me who suffers from PTSD! When I bought these seeds, I was uncertain if these seeds would germinate, but I was happy to see that most of the seeds did germinate in an outdoor setting. I was surprised by how easy it is for me to cultivate this strain. When it was time to harvest, the size of the buds is small to medium-sized and quite dense. Smoking this gives a minty smell and a fruity aftertaste. Anyway, don’t just take my word for it, try and see this for yourself.

A mature plant produces small to medium-sized round and dense buds. Its leaves are pale green and streaked with hues of purple and blue. The plant develops pigments on its leaves due to the cold temperature during its cultivation.

Among medicinal marijuana users, Cali Kush may bring some relief to patients struggling with stress and anxiety, particularly anxiety related to social situations, and many have turned to this strain to help treat symptoms of depression.

A recreational strain if ever there was one, Cali Kush marijuana is ideal for those lazy days where you’re hanging out by yourself or with a few close friends. Even though it draws heavily from its indica parentage, it is more likely to leave you feeling alert and euphoric than ready for a nap. Mostly, Cali Kush will mellow you out, and put you into a state of pure bliss.

Cali Kush marijuana may rely on its Kush genetics to get you into a relaxed state of mind, but this indica-dominant hybrid won’t leave you languishing on the couch. Rather, you’ll find yourself in a blissful state of mind, ready and the life of the party.

What’s in a name? If Cali Kush lives up to anything, it’s that infamous laid-back attitude that is characteristic of the great state of California. Cali Kush marijuana can lift up your mood (thanks in part to its soaring level of THC) while leaving you ultra relaxed – surfs up!


Though you may expect something slightly more exotic, Cali Kush marijuana has a strong herbal aroma, with notes of coffee, fruit, and citrus. The smoke is spicy and pungent like skunk, but you may be able to pick out other flavors like herbs, coffee, and lemon.

Cali Kush marijuana seeds flourish into high-THC, cheerfully indica buds that leave you feeling blissful and uplifted state of mind — perfect for a day hanging out with your friends. The plants are on the shorter side and flower in short order, too!

Cali Kush marijuana plants don’t get very tall, usually between 2-1/2 and 4 feet, but they do well in warm, humid weather and produce lovely, massive green buds covered in brown and orange hairs after roughly 7 to 8 weeks of flowering. Thanks to the addition of Kush, Cali Kush marijuana seeds are hearty and resist most mold, mildew and pests, making these seeds some of the easiest to grow for beginner gardeners.