butterfly weed plant seed pods

Butterfly weed plant seed pods

If you want to collect butterfly weed seeds from your garden, allow the seed pods to dry on the plant.

Harvesting Butterfly Weed Seeds

Here’s what you’ll find in this detailed guide…

When To Harvest Butterfly Weed Seeds

So I have cuttings from a butterfly weed perennial. I was hoping to be able to repurpose the flower or stem to plant in my garden at home. Am I out of luck? Will I have to buy the seeds to plant in the fall?

Butterfly weed plant seed pods

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Butterfly Weed will die if it is not planted in the correct growing conditions that it can tolerate. So, if you have repeatedly planted Butterfly Weed in the same spot, only to have it die multiple times, there are a few things to check:


I truly believe that the flower style of Butterfly Weed is one of the most intricate and ornate that exist in the plant kingdom.

So be patient! Your Butterfly Weed plants just like to take a slightly longer winters nap than other plants!

4 – Place pots in a location that receives morning sun and afternoon shade.

Butterfly Weed Water Requirements

Additionally native Plants have evolved to be disease resistant. They have built up natural defenses to common pests and diseases that non-native plants just don’t have. This means less care and fewer problems.

This picture was of some of my plants in early September 2019. I consider the yellowing shown here normal coloration for butterfly weed leaves later in the season.