bulk feminized cannabis seeds

If you control these 2 factors you will ensure that germination occurs almost 100%.

In our online store you can buy a wide variety of bulk cannabis seeds, but the choice will depend mainly on your tastes, experience as a grower and needs.

It doesn’t matter if you live in the USA, UK or Canada, the shipping will be totally free.

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You can grow all of them both indoors and outdoors, ensuring a successful harvest of high production and quality.

These seeds are best suited for growers who are just starting out in the art of planting marijuana because of their low cost.

Guaranteed quality bulk seeds

If on the other hand you have space outside to do your planting we recommend you to plant Skunk or White Widow as these plants can withstand high humidity and give very good results without having to be very careful.

One of the most outstanding is the already known Critical Bilbo, this is a variety of marijuana very demanded by indoor growers because this seed allows to obtain good production in a short period of flowering with very little knowledge in growing plants.

Bulk feminized cannabis seeds

Sativa bulk seeds: We offer plenty of sativa bulk seeds, such as Amnesia or Mexican Brazilian. The first one flowers fast without increasing its size excessively while the second one needs staking and netting. In order to maximize yield, we recommend using the SoG method for Amnesia and the SCRoG system for Mexican Brazilian.

Indoor Flowering Time

Types of existent bulk seeds

Outdoors bulk seeds: Our catalogue includes plenty of different outdoors seeds, like for example Baby Dirck and Kali Mist, among others. Any of those two will produce strong plants.

Outdoor Harvest Time

Bulk seeds

It’s important to make it clear that the quality of these seeds is the same one as their individual version, as long as it is bought at a reputable grow shop, like us. Starting a grow with feminized bulk seeds guarantees a crop full of strong and resistant plants that will germinate nearly on their totality.

Bulk feminized cannabis seeds

Our feminized CBD bulk seeds have been tested in laboratories to have the exact range of THC and CBD that can be provided by growing plants rich in CBD .

Our qualified team will advise you at all times for the best selection of strains and get the most out of the hectares you want to grow.

Our Blimburn high quality feminized wholesale marijuana seeds are lab tested and genetics guaranteed!

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The best Wholesale Marijuana strains for Medical Use

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We have a qualified team that will help you in every moment, in the selection of your marijuana seeds. Forget about playing Russian roulette with your grows and turn weed into high yield harvests . They will advise you on the best cannabis seeds , according to your geography and your growing environment.

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