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Anderson is the Head Grower for Broken Coast, a producer of premium craft cannabis in Duncan, Vancouver Island, situated on the shores of the Salish Sea near the island’s rainforests. In this idyllic setting, he and his team have spent the past seven years selecting and cultivating new and unique strains that appeal to cannabis users seeking new experiences.

It also happens to be a very pretty, round bud with a thick coating of crystals. “It’s beautiful,” he adds. “It ticks all the boxes. There’s nothing else like it on the market.”

For Kevin Anderson, selecting quality cannabis strains is a labour of love – and perseverance.

Broken coast seeds

No one piece of equipment alone is key as all factors in your garden work together. Your garden will only be as good as its weakest link. That said, achieving a perfect environment is probably the first place to start. Start by sealing up the room, removing the in and out air vents. This method of growing uses an air conditioner to cool the room while pure CO2 is supplied at the optimal level for the plants to grow. This achieves a higher level of control and accuracy over the temperature and humidity of the room, coupled with the addition of elevated levels of CO2. Growing in a sealed environment also helps keep the growroom sterile and free from pests. This is beneficial in a medical system where regulations are strict and the product must pass vigorous testing for pesticides, bacteria and mold.

So I would say an air conditioner, dehumidifier and CO2 controller are the most important pieces of equipment in the garden as they allow you to grow in a perfectly controlled environment. Once you have a perfect environment, how you grow your plants can be low tech, with some pots of coco or peat moss that you feed by hand all the way up to a computer-controlled hydroponic system like we use at Broken Coast.

What kinds of equipment do you find make the most difference in the garden?

I’ve always been an avid plant lover. I quit my job after a couple of years as an electronics engineer to study arboriculture so I could work with trees. I also love growing fruit trees and vegetables and live in a home that is overcrowded with houseplants. Growing cannabis is just an extension of my love of plants but I like that I also get to use my more technical side as we have a fairly sophisticated growing space.

Reading books, browsing the Internet and magazines like Maximum Yield, coupled with lots of trial and error. The key is to start simple, create the perfect environment, then look at how you’re growing the plants and perfect your particular system. Start with a low feed and increase the strength until the plants are just right. Pay attention to how they look through each stage of growth, slightly underfeeding the plants is usually better than over feeding them, so dialing upwards and not downwards is better in my opinion.

What are you growing right now?

​From humble beginnings, Vancouver Island’s Broken Coast Cannabis has emerged as one of the west coast’s best-known licensed medicinal cannabis producers. Head grower Kevin Anderson discusses the challenges Broken Coast has overcome and the approach it has taken to be successful.

Broken coast seeds

Broken Coast launched in 2013 and became one of the first medical cannabis producers licensed in British Columbia. Starting as a humble facility, we’ve since moved into a self-designed 44,000 square-foot building on the shores of the Salish Sea. We’re dedicated to breeding and cultivating the highest grade cannabis, and strive to enhance the reputation for quality that BC bud has earned worldwide.

Quantity has never been our goal. Only our best-performing genetics are selected for production. Even then only the strongest clones make it to harvest. Our plants are precisely pruned to concentrate energy in only the topmost colas, improving consistency and minimizing 'popcorn' buds. When we talk about to ‘popcorn buds’, we’re referring to small flower formations that don’t have the same visual appeal as their larger flower counterparts — but they’re only different in size.From our team of master growers to the trimmers who carefully hand prepare each bud, every point of contact in the Broken Coast production chain is designed to maximize quality and product integrity.

We seek the ultimate expression of cannabis

Do one thing, and do it well. At Broken Coast we’ve always specialized in premium dried flower. This is what we've built our reputation on, and we feel that it’s a reputation well earned. Our cannabis is grown in small batches in strain-specific rooms under optimized conditions. We hand-trim with attention to detail and an aesthetic eye, and naturally slow cure every batch. These are the techniques that made BC Bud famous the world over, and they'r built into our DNA.

What does premium cannabis really mean?