blurple seeds

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Strain Name: Blurple V2
Seeds Per Pack: 15
Lineage: Purple Galaxy x Blueberry F4
Gender: Regular Photo Period
Strain Type: Hybrid
Flower Time: 63 Days
Flavors/Aromas: Plum, Grape, Sweet, Candy, Eucalyptus, Kitchen Cleaner, Blueberry, Creamy, & Slight Gas.
Height: Medium
Generation: F1

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Blurple seeds

Read the Blurple seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Blurple seeds.

About Blurple seeds

This Blurple strain has a variety of both sativa as indica and a low THC-level. The CBD level of the Blurple is low. Blurple is related to the following strains; Blue Dream and Mendocino Purps . Grow Blurple seeds and it will result into a stunning cannabis plant with nice buds. Germinate the Blurple seeds and grow it into a nice cannbis plant, with a regular flowering time to be ready.

Blurple flavors

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