blue russian ice seeds

Blue russian ice seeds

“We know from both the chemical analysis and genetics that it could produce THC (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid synthase, the main psychoactive chemical in the plant),” he explained, adding that no one could feel its effects today, due to decomposition over the millennia.

A barrage of tests proves the marijuana possessed potent psychoactive properties and casts doubt on the theory that the ancients only grew the plant for hemp in order to make clothing, rope and other objects.

They apparently were getting high too.

“This individual was buried with an unusual number of high value, rare items,” Russo said, mentioning that the objects included a make-up bag, bridles, pots, archery equipment and a kongou harp. The researchers believe the individual was a shaman from the Gushi people, who spoke a now-extinct language called Tocharian that was similar to Celtic.

On the market for something truly powerful? Look no further than Alaskan Ice marijuana seeds. This strain is praised for its impressive THC levels and potent high. Alaskan Ice does not joke around when it comes to euphoria and knocking you off your feet. The effects of Alaskan Ice are immediate and strong, so novice smokers should take it easy with this stuff. Alaskan Ice is a great daytime smoke as it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that wakes up the brain to make you feel extra alert, “woke,” and motivated. This strain can help you tackle all work and school assignments.

Alaskan Ice is praised for its impressive THC content that leaves you with a potent, energetic, and awake high. This sativa-dominant hybrid is great for daytime use.


Alaskan Ice is said to be an American West Coast Haze plant that’s a cross between a Mexican, Columbian, and Thai strain. Judging by its appearance alone, you can tell Alaskan Ice takes after its frosty White Widow mother. Alaskan Ice plants grow up to have white coloring all around and an iced appearance, almost as if it’s been snowing outside. Like its White Widow mother, it grows heavy with crystals that create a stunning white overlay that causes your fingers to stick together.

The effects of this strain are closely tied to its Sativa Haze father. Consumers may find themselves feeling energetic and restless, which is why we recommend Alaskan Ice for the daytime. Too much of this stuff in the evening may cause insomnia and a lot of tossing and turning in bed. Growers can expect a flowering time of approximately 9 weeks from Alaskan Ice marijuana seeds and an impressive reach of 9 to 10 feet.