biobizz weed grow

Biobizz weed grow

This product improves aeration and can be used in all kinds of grow setups, including hydro, and not only is compatible but should be used with the complete Bio line if you are looking to boost the quality and yields.

Alg-a-Mic stimulates chlorophyll absorption which means that will help your plants recover if they have suffered from overfeeding, nutrient deficiencies, diseases, or harsh temperatures, it’s a great product to keep your plants stress-free if you’re experiencing bad conditions throughout your grow cycle.

Bio-Grow is a fertilizer designed for the growth phase of all kinds of plants and it’s made with 100% organic sugar beet extract to help produce a rich food source for all beneficial microorganisms which thanks to the sugars, potassium and active bacteria results in a flavorful and deliciously smelling harvest.

How To Use It

This product works by freeing up the micronutrients in the soil which end up stimulating your plants’ metabolism.

All-Mix is a heavily pre-fertilized substrate that creates the optimum environment for cannabis plants by emulating a rich soil with a micro active ecosystem while having enough nutrients to sustain healthy growth for the first couple of weeks without the need to add any extras.

Fish Mix

So now that you know exactly what each and every product does, here’s a soil feeding schedule for those growers that are not using any of Bio Bizz products.

Coco-Mix is a 100% organic substrate made from leftover coconut waste which goes through a decomposition process to soften the fibers.

Biobizz weed grow

These feeding charts are generally designed for indoor growing and they don’t take into account outdoor transplants – this product can also be used to revive your plants’ roots after every transplant.

You can’t simply feed your plants whatever and whenever you want; it’s incredibly important to follow guidelines and give your plants a regular feeding schedule. Keep in mind that some particular strains don’t appreciate high amounts of certain nutrients, and although the chart may say one thing, always cater to your plants first; if they start going yellow and limp, fix the issue before continuing with the feeding chart. Remember to keep an eye on the pH in your water to make sure that your plants can absorb every last drop of the nutrients you give them.

Root Juice

This additive is a flowering accelerant, and it also speeds up the process in which your plants transport nutrients from one part to another. This is what helps accelerate the flowering process, increasing the size and density of your plants’ buds in the process.

The chart is divided into 12 weeks, with two weeks for growth and 10 for flowering. This chart is designed for indoor growers, and the quantities indicates are per liter of water.

biobizz feeding chartBioBizz Nutrients

The BioBizz Feeding Chart was created as a general guide for feeding your plants, with a weekly routine that you’ll need to follow. Keep in mind that this is just a guide and doses/times may vary depending on the strain or sometimes even the environment your plants are in. We’re going to talk about how to understand and use BioBizz’ growing chart to grow your very own organic and professional plants.