bio-dome seeds

Potting soil or seed starting soil is recommended to start your seeds in.

Eggplant, peppers and tomatoes all take a long time to get to harvest, so the earlier they get in the ground the better. Plan on starting seeds in March for planting out in May.

The Park Seed Bio Dome is a kit that aims to make planting easier. It’s a kind of mini-climatron, where seedlings are protected and so grow quickly. The spongelike medium wicks water up from the bottom and humidity is controlled, preventing overwatering.

Bio-dome seeds

I like this online vendor for price and availability of “Hobby Packs” like 10 of each tray, instead of 100s per case.

I think they probably send them to people who are on their email list. I don’t subscribe to Park’s but I do on some other sites and that’s how I always get discount codes, notices of sales, etc.

I have not read about many other people using shredded, screened pine bark for starting seeds, but I swear by it.

You can use “propagation trays” instead of the flimsy inserts. Prop trays are sturdier and don;t even need the 1020 tray under them, except to catch runoff water, or for bottom-watering. Prop trays can be had with medium to tiny cells: 38, 50, 72, 98, 128, 200, or even 288 cells per tray! Cells can had in round, square, star or “vented” shapes. They might not have been designed for seed-starting, but can be used that way.

The plus side is I left one tray outside for weeks after the plants should have gone in the dirt and they were still fine–the soiless mix kept the seedlings at the right moisture level and from becoming too tightly root bound.

I’ve seen those and they didn’t look sturdy enough.. The biodome ones are very sturdy.. I’ve moved them around plenty of times.. I was wondering about the other set you posted. Those look a bit sturdier..

“Flimsy” just means you can’t move them without some support like thin plywood or wood panelling or a doubled tray under the insert. And I would never try to move them with water in the tray: I always avoid standing water so as not to drown any roots.

I don’t know if anyone can answer this question or not. Do you have to use their plugs in the bio-dome I’d rather not have to buy the plugs yearly. Has anyone tried using regular pottting mix for seedlings in them. I just received two wasn’t exactly what I thought. The plug holes are really small. Thinking about ordering the 40 cell block. Will appreciate any comments.