big buddha cheese seeds

Big Buddha Cheese by Big Buddha Seeds releases the distinct aroma of her cheesy parent upon combustion. This is compounded by a pleasant “upper” high that seems to go on forever. Despite her indica dominance, this strain is not of the couch-lock variety, and can be enjoyed during the daytime, or whenever one chooses.

Big Buddha Cheese by Big Buddha Seeds is the feminized cross of the original UK Cheese with an Afghan indica specimen. She is a fast-flowering strain that features larger yields than her noteworthy ancestors. She produces nice and dense nugs and is suitable to grow both indoors and out.


Awards – Cannabis Cup:

Big Buddha Seeds won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2006 for Best Indica with Big Buddha Cheese.

Big Buddha Cheese is loud and in your face with its aroma. Like many Cheese strains, this hybrid smells of actual cheese — like the kind you’d buy from the store — mixed with strong notes of skunk. Some growers may find that Big Buddha Cheese is too pungent to grow indoors, especially when the grow room is your basement or laundry room. It’s easy for the smell of Big Buddha Cheese marijuana seeds to travel into your neighbor’s apartment, just a little warning.

Big Buddha Cheese marijuana seeds provide a heavy dose of relaxation and sedation. Don’t be surprised if you wind up in couchlock for most of the day. Users also note sensations of calmness and happiness, like they’re chilling on Cloud 9.


When smoked, Big Buddha Cheese is the ultimate relaxer. This strain will ignite calming and peaceful sensations, followed by hints of happiness and glee. Just as you’ll feel yourself start to float on Cloud 9, your stomach will bring you back down to Earth. Yes, there’s a big chance you’ll feel hungry under the effects of Big Buddha Cheese. Be sure to have plenty of snacks around the house should you choose to give in to your cravings. In addition to the food, you may want to keep a glass of cold water nearby as this hybrid is known to cause cottonmouth.

Big Buddha Cheese marijuana seeds are also popular in the medical world for their ability to help treat anxiety and insomnia. It won’t make you pass out on the spot, but consumers often have a hard time staying awake an hour or two after smoking. Big Buddha Cheese also brings on a mild couch-lock, so you really don’t want to leave the bed as you drift off to sleep.