best tools for growing weed

Best tools for growing weed

If you’re looking for a premium upgrade to your basic thermometer, check out this Element HT Wireless Humidity and Temperature Data Logger. It has full monitoring capability (temperature, humidity, and C02) that can not only transmit readings in real time to any internet-connected device, but can be programmed with temperature and humidity thresholds to alert you when atmospheric conditions change. Element HT products can also be chained together into larger systems to monitor multiple areas of the same garden or multiple rooms in a grow. It’s a powerful tool that any serious grower should consider adding to their system.

For growers who wish to get more control out of their readers, there are pre-advanced options available such as this meter from Blue Lab. Aside from the ability to read pH levels, the Blue Lab Guardian Monitor also measures temperature and total conductivity, giving the accuracy needed when dialing in feeding regiments. With the ability to provide constant live readouts, this device eliminates the need to use strips or other readers, effectively ensuring peace of mind to the grower that all levels are consistently maintained.

pH Meter

At the most basic level, litmus strips are available for a very low cost. For just a few dollars more, you can get yourself a digital reader at retailers like Amazon. Both options will be able to effectively test acidity levels throughout your grow. Testing pH is important for both feeding as well as gauging grow medium acidity. Knowing your pH can literally save your garden.

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Whether you’re looking to improve your overall yields, proactively reduce the need to troubleshoot, or get better quality out of your buds, these five tools have the potential to greatly improve the ease and abundance of your home grow.

Best tools for growing weed

Get the Tools That Make Growing Easier!

If you’re using fabric pots, a simple and easy solution is simply to use pointy scissors to poke a hole and thread through that. I use Fiskars scissors since I use them for trimming and I have a pair lying around, but anything sharp and pointy should work.

Tape?! Sacrilege! Who would put tape on their cannabis?!

Twist ties are what Americans formerly used to close up trash bags. Nowadays they’re used for pretty much everything except closing up trash bags! When it comes to growing cannabis indoors, twist ties are a welcome guest in our home and they are one of the cheapest and efficient tools available for LST (low-stress training) and other methods of cannabis training.

Zip Ties/Velcro Straps

This LEC grow ligh t needs to be kept about 2 feet away from plants but plants were getting too tall. The rope ratchets were left on so the grow light wouldn’t fall, but zip ties were used to bring the light just inches from the top (if your grow light gets hot, make sure to still leave a tiny air gap to help keep things cool).

In hard-sided pots, there’s usually a “lip” you can use to hook the twist-tie

Water transfer pumps make it easy for people who grow hydroponically to empty/fill their reservoir without having to do any heavy lifting. A crafty grower could potentially empty their reservoir, mix new nutrients, and then refill their reservoir without ever having to lift a single cup of water.

Liquid/Water Transfer Pump

Pipettes are useful for taking a small sample of water. If you have trouble getting water into the included test tube when testing pH with a ‘drop kit’, this is a tool that will completely eradicate that problem. Pipettes are also very cheap so you can stock up on them once and have enough for many grows. I think of these as the low-budget version of the blunt-tip syringe.

Hang rope ratchets from the bars at the top of your tent