best time to germinate marijuana seeds

A couple big drawbacks, though: Autoflower strains are known for being less potent. Also, because they are small in stature, they usually don’t produce big yields.

To create a dark, protected space, take another plate and flip it over to cover the seeds, like a dome.

Climate considerations

It’s important to keep the delicate seed sterile, so don’t touch the seed or taproot as it begins to split.

Also, buying from a reputable breeder or seed bank will give you a sense of what a particular strain will look and smell like, how it will grow, and how much it will yield at harvest.

Step 1

Once you see the taproot, it’s time to transfer your germinated seed into its growing medium, such as soil.

Best time to germinate marijuana seeds

Exact advice will depend on which germination method you’ve chosen, but we’ve found there are two simple tips that work for all germination methods.

As well as water, temperature affects seed germination. In a natural outdoor environment with the changing seasons, the temperature will indicate to the seed that it’s the right time of year to grow. If your temperature is too low, your seed will stay dormant. While if the temperature is too high, your seed will suffer from heat stress or seed aging – both of which can cause weaker plants in the long run even if germination is successful. For most plants, springtime temperatures are usually what to aim for in germination stages (22-24ºC or 68-72ºF).

Secondly, use distilled water or a reverse osmosis system for the best results. This ensures your water is free of contaminants and other particles that may cause issues with germination or weaker plants later in the growth cycle. Many regions have fluoride and chlorine in the tap water, both of which can be damaging to delicate seedlings.

Common Germination Problems

It’s worth highlighting, as we have previously, that environment is everything in growing cannabis, including germination, so your environment may move these estimated time frames around slightly. As well as this, whichever strain you’ve chosen to grow will affect the length of time it takes to germinate. For example, sativa seeds usually take longer to germinate than indica seeds.

We have no doubt you’ve probably already read tons on the huge amount of germination methods available to pick from, like the popular paper towel method or the arguably inefficient glass of water method.

Mastering the art of germination is one of the first steps in your cultivation experience, and there are so many germination methods to pick from that it’s difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, we’ve got everything you need to know about germinating seeds from all sorts.

Seed Germination Process

It’s the most important time of your growing cycle, often overlooked in favor of other stages like vegetation and flowers, but germination is where the magic really happens.

Success in seed germination is actually quite straightforward as there are only three factors that really matter: water, temperature, and oxygen.