best temp for growing weed

Best temp for growing weed

As the number and size of dispensaries grow, so do consumer expectations of the quality of marijuana products and the availability of diverse and unique brands. As in the wine industry, premier brand names can command a price ten or more times that of an average product.

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The curing process breaks down chlorophyll remaining in the plant, resulting in a less-harsh taste. Remember: harsh buds are not quality buds. These procedures can enhance the shelf-life of a crop, which is highly important with a product like cannabis that isn’t afforded the addition of preservatives.

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That said, we are not experts in growing specifics or in the design of custom-growing spaces.

Best temp for growing weed

Plant Growth Patterns – Temperature fluctuations can actually change how your plant grows! Warmer night temperatures tend to slow down upward growth. Cannabis generally prefers a cooler temperature at night. Maintaining slightly lower temps during the dark period will encourage your plant to grow as fast as possible.

7 Essential Concepts About Temperature Control

Drying & Curing – Temperature is incredibly vital to the drying & curing process. A professional dry/cure is one of the most significant factors when it comes to producing top-shelf buds.

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But it’s not necessarily that easy. The quest to find the perfect thermometer/humidity monitor can be tough.