best pots for growing weed

Best pots for growing weed


Otherwise known as terra cotta, ceramic pots offer a unique set of benefits to growers in hot climates.

Common pots used for cannabis growing


For a root system to develop and thrive, they will need the following:

Traditional plastic containers

Best pots for growing weed

Another vital factor in choosing a container is thinking about which growing medium you will be using.

In the main, you need to ensure that the container is the correct size and provides adequate drainage and airflow. Once you have that covered, you should be good to go!

2. Understand Growing Mediums

Different containers are better for different growing mediums. Air pots are ideal for hydroponics, for example. As long as your roots are developing healthily, then you’re doing something right!

5. Make Sure You Catch Water Run-off!

When you first start growing your plants, you’ll need to choose what growing medium you’ll use. No matter what, your plants will require access to water, oxygen, and nutrients. Typically, growers use a soil medium. Plants can acquire water and nutrients from the soil, as well as oxygen depending on how good the airflow of the container is.

Best pots for growing weed

Which growing container works best for cannabis? What is it that makes some containers better than others?

How to Catch Water Runoff

Regular Watering Stage