best marijuana grow lights 2021

Best marijuana grow lights 2021

The Viparspectra PAR 1200 provides coverage of areas 4×4 feet for the vegetative phase at the height of 40 inches and 3.5 by 3.5 feet during flowering at the height of 36 inches.

At Number ten, we have MORSEN Grow Light 2400W. It has two on and off switches on the back of the light to control the brightness easily.

It also combines an optimal blend of twelve different bands of the complete light spectrum from the depths of UV to the upper IR, given your plants precisely the fine-tuning that they need.

It features the highest PAR and lumen output for LED, making it one of the most effective grow lights of its kind. Moreover, it has two modes, which are veg for cultivating and bloom for seeding and flowering.


The system is suitable for grow tents, greenhouses, H2O, and most other hydroponic systems. Compared to other grow lights, Apollo horticultural GL 60 LEDs are attractive because they don’t require a blast and produce considerably less heat.

It effectively replaces a conventional 400W HP grow light while consuming 180W of actual power and giving your plants 100% usable light that’s perfectly tuned to create a maximum photosynthetic response.

Its power cord can be plugged in the daisy-chain socket, and you can add another module to it.


LED grow lights are an artificial light source. They are generally electric lights designed to stimulate plant growth by emitting a light appropriate for photosynthesis. The primary benefits of LED over the more traditional light sources are that they significantly reduce heat and power consumption.


Best marijuana grow lights 2021

These days, cannabis growers are spoiled for choice with grow lights. There is an incredible array of options, providing better safety, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency than ever before. Simply put, if you want a decent yield, you must invest in specific marijuana grow lights.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Grow Lights for Weed

● Only useful for small grows.

Metal Halide Grow Lights

The lighting required by cannabis plants varies according to their stage in the growth cycle. Young plants require a different light spectrum from their mature counterparts. For example, Metal Halide lights are associated with plants in the vegetative stage. In contrast, HPS lighting is frequently used in the blooming phase.

These fluorescent lights are cheap and efficient and great for vegetative growth. They’re especially great for helping along germinating seeds and small seedlings because they don’t put off much heat and won’t scorch the delicate seeds. They won’t run up your electricity bill too much.

As with HIDs, you can find CFLs at any local grow shop.

For HIDs, light occurs as an arc between two nodes inside the bulb. The gas contained in these bulbs is what makes MHs and HPSs different. HID bulbs are usually more expensive than the reflective hoods that hold them.

Some grow lights are more expensive than others, but also more efficient, saving money in the long run. Some lights are bulky with many parts, some light in weight, and some are better suited for young or mature plants.

Best HID grow light brands

There are daylight bulbs and warm white bulbs; the former better for vegetative growth, and the latter for flowering.

HID (high-intensity discharge) is an umbrella term under which MH and HPS bulbs fall, which we’ll discuss more below. These types of lamps have a hood that reflects light and bulbs that are enclosed capsules containing a gas, as opposed to bulbs you’d find in your house, which have a filament that heats up.

Power equals poundage, so if you want big yields you’ll need more wattage. Professional LEDs can start at as little as 200 watts, and go up from there. A high-watt light can double the work of several low-watt bulbs.

CFL lights for growing weed

However, because of their low price, if you’re new to indoor growing and not sure how often you’ll do it, you may want to invest in an inexpensive HID light at first to test the water.

Consider how often you’ll be growing weed and how long it will take to pay off the initial investment—if you grow once a year, it’ll take a lot longer to pay off an expensive light than if you grow multiple harvests a year.