best led grow lights for weed

Best led grow lights for weed

Algae is now widely used to manufacture bio-fuel and LED grow lights are perfect for growing algae. For this application, grow lights that only veg (i.e. they have mostly blueish LEDs) are perfect, so you can spend less on electricity since less power is needed for vegging. They also run cooler.

Luckily, there is one series of COB lights that sells for a great price and still delivers high power and a great spectrum: the Phlizon CREE COB Series. The 5 lights in the series (1000w, 1500w, 2000w, 2500w and 3000w) sell for a similar price as other budget lights, but deliver a better performance, especially where power and light spectrum are concerned.

So, does it make sense to get an HLG light over one of the top Chinese brands like Spider Farmer?

They’re a Chinese company, which means a higher incidence of faulty lights. Luckily, you can return it if you buy from Amazon, but you still lose time. Customer service has also been a problem in the past, but they now have a service center in California, so this should improve.

Algae Making

These LED light are extremely bright and the smallest covers a 3 by 3 area during flowering, while the largest can cover a 5×5 area, though I’d use it for 4.5 by 4.5 max. During veg, you can add a foot each way.

Every good brand makes several sizes of lights, so it makes the most sense to do it this way.

Their lights are just as well constructed and they give you the same 3 year warranty to back that up. Performance-wise, they are also on par with HLG and actually have a slightly larger stated coverage area, though they are both about the same for practical purposes. Most importantly, they give you the same even light distribution.

Highest Quality: Platinum LED Advanced Platinum Series

They also last much longer. You won’t have to change bulbs for at least 5 years, and often over 10.

There are a few exceptions. If you are looking for a light to only grow clones or to just veg plants, then you might want to check out one with mostly blue LEDs. If you are looking for a light to supplement your existing setup to give your plants a boost during the flowering stage, you’ll want one with mostly red LEDs.

Aside from the price of the actual light, also take into account utilities—all lights will add to your electricity bill every month, but some more than others. High-intensity discharge lights—known as “HIDs”—may be cheaper to buy but can gobble up electricity, whereas LEDs are more efficient and kinder on your electricity bill but usually more expensive to buy.

Other considerations when choosing a cannabis grow light

When growing outdoors you can harness the power of the sun, but in an indoor environment, sunlight is mimicked through the use of grow light bulbs, which aim to display the same spectrum of light as the sun.

Factors to consider before buying a grow light

HID (high-intensity discharge) is an umbrella term under which MH and HPS bulbs fall, which we’ll discuss more below. These types of lamps have a hood that reflects light and bulbs that are enclosed capsules containing a gas, as opposed to bulbs you’d find in your house, which have a filament that heats up.