best hydroponic growing medium for cannabis

Best hydroponic growing medium for cannabis

At this stage, all you need to do is pay for nutrients and electricity. First-time growers are often frightened of hydroponics, but the process is much simpler than you think. As you only need to refill your tank every few weeks, the nutrients you purchase could last a long time. Whether the process is cheaper than the others depends on the cost of nutrients, and the number of plants you grow.

Another factor that reduces the price is reusability. If you use a standard potting mix, the nutrients are used up after a single crop. As a consequence, you need to begin the next batch with fresh soil. However, certain substrates last several harvests. You will still need to add nutrients, but the overall cost is lower for growers intent on cultivating cannabis regularly.

When you use living soil, microorganisms in it create an ecosystem. The nutrients get broken down and go directly to the roots of the plant. There is no need to add any nutrients to this form of soil. On the downside, plants growing in living soil take longer to mature. Also, the smell of composted soil in the house isn’t particularly pleasant for most people!


However, it is inert, which means you must add nutrients, so the initial cost is relatively high. As its rate of water retention is significant, you must ensure it has adequate drainage. Rockwool also has a high pH, so you need to check the root zone regularly.

As is the case with the volcanic rock options, you can heat and expand clay. When you expose the substance to heat, however, it becomes extremely hard. Nonetheless, it is porous enough to ensure it offers a reasonable degree of water retention. Even so, gardening experts don’t recommend HEC if you like to water your plants once a day.

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Potting Soil

There’s a lot more to finding a cheap medium than the initial price you pay! First and foremost, a medium that contains nutrients instantly saves you money. Let’s imagine that there are two options: A potting mix for $10 you found on sale, and a super soil mix that costs $40.

This is becoming an increasingly popular soil additive. Made from volcanic rock, vermiculite is a much-loved hydroponic medium made from volcanic rock. In general, it is cheaper than other common options, such as Rockwool and Coco Coir. It does an excellent job of holding on to moisture. As a result, you use less water. When heated, vermiculite expands significantly, and it is very lightweight. This inert substrate is insoluble in water, so it absorbs enormous amounts of it.

Best hydroponic growing medium for cannabis

Soilless potting mixtures that are composed of inert (non-soil) ingredients like coco coir, perlite, peat moss, Rockwool, and vermiculite can be a great choice for growing marijuana.

Example of cannabis roots growing directly in a solution of nutrient water

Soilless Mediums (Coco Coir & Perlite)

Least Chance of Bugs/Pests:

Conclusion: What’s the Best Grow Medium for Growing Cannabis?

Two hydroponic cannabis plants in the vegetative stage

Best hydroponic growing medium for cannabis

You may have heard some growing media like sand, gravel, peat moss, perlite, vermiculite. But the fact is there are limitless growing media around us. Even the air can be used as an effective growing medium for the roots. But each has its pros and cons. Choosing an appropriate growing media is a really critical task. A perfect one will greatly impact plants’ growth and the quality yield. And the question is

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Why is it so important?

Oasis cubes are made from floral foam which is designed like a sheet form. Each of the medium’s individual cell (which looks alike to cubes) contains the right amount of nutrients as well as air and water for plants’ growing.

Expanded Clay Pellets or Leca