best grow cabinet for weed

Best grow cabinet for weed


What to look for in a growing cabinet?

A proper grow cabinet should tick all the boxes (literally) that suit your needs while adhering to the industry standards in build/material quality, the ease of assembly, and intuitive & functional design.

Great zippers

With weed grow boxes, everything starts with the frame. Usually built from metal pipes of various sizes and diameters, frames are there to ensure the stability and sturdiness of the entire setup. You don’t want a wobbly configuration where you’ll fear that it might come down and destroy your plants.

Best grow cabinet for weed

You could repurpose a dresser or trunk if it’s the right size (about three to four feet tall, 1.5 to 2 feet wide and deep) or buy some 1/4 plywood, screws, and two hinges for the door, and you’re on your way. An added benefit of repurposing an item of household furniture like a dresser or an old refrigerator (or even an old PC tower, for a small plant) is that it’s a more stealthy option, depending on how good your odor control methods are. Make sure to drill several large holes in the floor of the box to help air flow.

If you’re thinking about growing your own weed then you may already be more enterprising than the average person. In this case, you might want to consider building your own grow box.

Other than that, you’ll need to install a small lighting system, a thermostat, and ideally a charcoal filter to take care of the smell. All together, the cost of purchasing these items could be significantly less expensive than a store-bought grow box or cabinet, and potentially much less than even a single ounce of weed from your dealer/dispensary.

The Signature LED Kit includes everything from the starter kit, as well as an LED light with much higher output and lower energy consumption.

Do grow boxes smell?

If you’ve ever thought about growing your own cannabis but figured it was too hard, you’re not alone. We’ve all pictured what it must be like strolling out in the back yard between rows of tall, flowering marijuana plants with a satisfied grin across your face, and then just ended up shrugging and ordering from the local dispensary.

The grow box can be used for soil or hydro grows, and all customers can make use of unlimited phone and email tech support.

It also includes a WiFi grow cam to help you monitor it all with the company smart phone app.

Stealth grow boxes vs. grow tent

“Tents, Lights, Soils, everything you need to grow in a single box,” is the tagline of the Budgrower, which features five highly-sophisticated kits for growing anywhere between 1-9 plants.

“I am growing the King Tut sativa strain. I like how well it produces the bud in a closed setting. This is my second year with Mary. Have loved the learning curve.” Gerr, ON Canada