best cfl for growing weed

Best cfl for growing weed

It’s still a solid product, just not the best around.

They’re the ideal entry point into indoor growing. They work well enough, though not optimal, and produce consistently worthwhile results. They give off very little heat, what is there can be easily remedied with the slightest bit of ventilation, and work well in small, low-budget spaces.

4. SunBlaster CFL Grow Lamp

Lastly, they just don’t tend to last for a long time. Lower light-spectrum CFLs burn out at a very fast rate compared to daylight bulbs. Stick to daylight spectrum bulbs and spend your budget and effort elsewhere.

CFL’s are the popular entry-point into indoor growing, both with cannabis and other plants as well. However, finding the right CFL for growing cannabis can be a bit trying. There is a massive market and a plethora of reviews to go over, and it’s hard to tell what is best to use for any given situation without first-hand experience.

6. Satco Hi-Pro Spiral CFL Soft White

This is the rub of a lot of powerful CFL lights, they tend to burn themselves out and don’t last like LEDs. That being said, this is a very powerful light that will give plenty of power to a medium-sized grow all the way to harvest. The reflectors here are sturdy and well built, they do a good job reflecting that light where it needs to go. The Agrobrite is a good middle ground between the likes of more expensive LED and HPS systems, without shelling out the cash needed for those.

Best cfl for growing weed

The soft white 2700k colored bulbs have more reds/yellows that help your plant “get in the mood” for making buds

2700k colored bulbs (Soft White, Warm White)
Best suited to Flowering Stage

How to Grow Cannabis with CFLs: Step-By-Step Growing Tutorial

Many new growers already have an idea of where they might grow their plants!

Now it’s time to put real plants into the grow space you have created!

A.) Small Size CFL Bulb Setup

Want to ‘try out’ growing cannabis without investing much

Examples of Great Spots to Use CFLs

What Color CFLs Should I Get? (CFLs and Light Spectrum)