best cannabis seeds for hydroponics

Best cannabis seeds for hydroponics

Add your Rapid Rooter(s), and fill around the edges with extra clay pellets to hold each one in place.

I thought hydro plants liked it cold?

Make sure to always keep the Rapid Rooter moist but not soaking wet.

The Rapid Rooter should be cut open lengthwise

If you have a top-feed, place the tube near the bottom of the net pot so the water isn’t soaking the seedling’s roots. You just want water dripping out the bottom so the root can use it for oxygen and water until it’s fully established in the reservoir.

Best cannabis seeds for hydroponics

(Because only female plants produce buds, some breeds require the removal of the male plants to prevent pollination of the females. WSS Skunk Automatic removes this extra step.)

You need the right space where you can set up the appropriate lights, fans, and water sources. You will also need to decide whether you are going to grow your marijuana in soil or hydroponically.

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Northern Lights is a connoisseur’s favourite, but it’s a very easy strain to grow indoors. It’s delicate and demanding. It’s not recommended to be smoked by beginners because it’s quite strong.

The best strains for indoor growing

Here is another strain of cannabis which is perfect for new growers on a budget. Shiva Shanti II is called fast, tough and forgiving, making it perfect for those with less experience growing weed indoors.

Best cannabis seeds for hydroponics

Since pH fluctuations are more common with DWC systems (because of the lack of soil), you want to choose cannabis strains that can handle that variability. Here are our favorites:

The Purple Queen plant is incredibly beautiful, with vibrant purple leaves, and it leaves you feeling completely relaxed. She doesn’t grow taller than one meter and completes a growing cycle within eight weeks. This resilient Queen can withstand pH fluctuations like a champion, whether she’s indoors or outdoors.

Deep water culture hydroponic gardens begin with a large tub of water and plant nutrients. Containers full of the grow medium of your choice hold your crops in place atop the nutrient basin, allowing the roots to dangle freely into the water below.

Amnesia Haze

Another strain that’s famous for its relaxing high is Gorilla Glue, or GG4. Its name comes from the feeling of being stuck to the couch that you experience after ingesting it. With its potent high and calming effects, this strain is excellent to grow if you’re searching for something with an earthy, sour flavor.

Consider the following factors as you explore what makes DWC so good for cannabis gardening:

Automating your DWC garden can take most of the work out of maintaining the hydroponic system. If you set it up to automatically add weekly fertilizer and water, you can focus on bigger issues, such as monitoring the fluctuating pH level and ensuring the crop is disease-free. The automation makes it even more of a low-maintenance garden than before.

Purple Queen

The most important piece of a DWC system is the oxygen-producing air stone—without it, the roots will drown due to the lack of oxygen in the nutrients. This makes it essential for the garden to have constant access to a reliable power source: otherwise, the plants could die quickly.

Part of the reason cannabis grows better in any hydroponic system is that the nutrients and water can affect the roots directly—they don’t contain any soil-based pests or diseases, and all liquid cycles through the system rather than seeping down into the soil. In deep water culture systems, specifically, the roots couldn’t possibly get any closer to the nutrient solution. Inside the water, they’re consistently able to take in nutrients whenever they need to.