best cannabis grow forum

Best cannabis grow forum

Topics: General, cultivation, medical

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Another amazing forum focused on grow discussion is THC Farmer, with a unique userbase of over 84,000 members. THC Farmer focuses on cultivation discussion targeting the medical community, but also offers a lifestyle section for general topics and a very nice user friendly interface.

Grass City |

Topics: Mainly entry level, beginner cannabis, basic discussion

Best cannabis grow forum

It's where the bulk of the refugees ended up, it's where a lot of current and successful breeders hang out and it continues to be the best source for ACCURATE information regarding cannabis.

Most of the other English sites you listed are heavily populated by 12-17 yearolds spouting off things they "heard" and/or wondering how to grow in their parent's house without getting caught. Useful for entertainment purposes but not much else.

Best cannabis grow forum

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