bagota berry seeds

Bagota berry seeds

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Option 2: how to sow strawberries using snow for stratification

Note! Strawberry does not like picking, therefore, as an option, you can immediately have sowing in spacious containers without a further transplant.

Capacity and substrate

Usually on the reverse side of the bag indicate the desired distance between the bushes, because each variety has its own characteristics and some plants can be very large. Therefore, landing of large-scale strawberries can be at a distance of 20 cm to 50 cm between bushes.

Bagota berry seeds

A reasonable question arises: if strawberries can be planted on a summer cottage in the form of seedlings purchased from someone, then why bother and grow it from seeds? Moreover, getting young plants from seeds on their own is not so simple. However, even experienced gardeners, and not just beginners in the world of crop production, often grow strawberries from seeds. There are several reasons.

To get a good harvest of healthy berries before home planting, you need to correctly determine the variety of garden strawberries. We do not recommend using hybrid varieties, since it is practically impossible to grow them at home, hybrids grow only if they are planted in a vegetative way.

Step 1. Since the seeds of strawberries are very small, they can be planted in the ground using a pointed wooden stick. The tip of the stick is moistened with water and then pick up one seed. After it is gently shaken off onto the soil, which has already been previously laid in the container and leveled.

How to plant berry bushes in open ground?

Peat tablets (the simplest option) or a specially prepared nutrient substrate are used for sowing seeds of garden strawberries. The soil for alpine strawberries or large-fruited strawberries should be loose, sifted and rich in mineral and organic substances.

Young plants are transplanted into the ground when they form at least 6 true leaves. In the beginning – mid-May, when the landing is carried out, day and night frosts are still possible. Therefore, plantings for protection from the cold are covered with non-woven material (spanbond).

Growing garden strawberries at home – the choice of seeds

When transplanting, it is more correct to observe the integrity of the earthen coma around the roots of seedlings. Planting depth should be such that the outlet is not buried in the soil. The best option is to place it flush with the soil surface.
ON THE PICTURE: If you allow light drying of the soil in the container before planting the seedlings in the garden, it will be easier to maintain the integrity of the earthen coma, and hence the root system of seedlings.

In the soil where the plant is transplanted, make a recess with a stick or pencil. It should be of sufficient depth so that the spine does not bend. A solution of “Kornevin” or another stimulant for root formation is dripped into the pit. The sprout is taken by the leaf and lowered into the prepared hole. The rosette from where the leaves grow should not be buried in the soil, but should not protrude from it. On the first day after the picking, it is advisable to cover the seedlings with a film.
ON THE PICTURE: The main condition for choosing containers for a pick is opaque walls that protect the strawberry root system from light.

Bagota berry seeds

Ready-made soil for seedlings can be purchased at the store without any problems, but experienced gardeners still prefer to prepare the soil mixture with their own hands. Let’s look at two popular ways to do this.

Video – An original way to collect strawberry seeds

If possible, plant several varieties on the site. Highlight the items you like over time.

Seed varieties of strawberries

High-quality seeds are of great importance for growing. If you decide to assemble them yourself, then you need to take into account some rules.