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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Our cannabis seed bank has a vast amount of autoflower seeds for sale and from all over the world. Find auto flower seeds from the USA, and popular strains from there! Autoflower cannabis seeds are a hybrid of ruderalis strains. By crossing photoperiod cannabis plants with ruderalis hybrids, breeders could create cannabis strains that mature within 8 to 9 weeks automatically. Today, breeders can create auto-flowering marijuana plants with good yields, high THC concentration, and a short flowering period with the advancement of selective breeding.

Auto Flower Cannabis Seeds Vs. Photoperiod Weed Seeds

The growth cycle of a cannabis plant is essential for agriculture, cloning, and harvest. The vegetative phase starts when seedlings begin to grow, absorb light, and reach their height. At the end of the vegetative stage, the cannabis plant enters the flowering stage, and as the name suggests, this is when the juicy buds and terpenes are created. There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the difference between photoperiod weed seeds and auto-flowering seeds. The process can be simplified for educational purposes.

Marijuana is naturally a photoperiod plant which means it relies on a light cycle to bloom. Therefore, photoperiod weed seeds can germinate and enter the vegetative phase either indoors or outdoors. Photoperiod weed seeds entering the vegetative phase indoors require a 12-12 light cycle. This entails that to begin flowering, a cannabis plant needs 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness over 24 hours. Now the light schedule differs for photoperiod cannabis plants grown in an outdoor setting. As a general rule of thumb, marijuana plants entering the vegetative phase outdoors begin to flower when the daylight hours drop below 15.

So, What are Auto Flower Cannabis Seeds?

Auto-flower weed seeds do not depend on the light cycle to begin flowering. Instead, once the cannabis plant reaches a certain age, it starts to flower automatically. This ability to flower independent of the light cycle (and season) gives auto-flowering cannabis seeds its unique feature.

Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Autoflower cannabis seeds have been reported to produce fat and juicy buds: The plant establishes its size roughly around 1 to 2 months of maturity. Autos don’t grow tall, but their buds begin to fatten during their lifespan.

Reports show that the autoflower weed seeds are good for beginners! Auto flower cannabis seeds don’t rely on a light cycle to bloom. Instead, they will begin to enter the vegetative phase on their own once they reach a certain age. As they require little intervention and maintenance, Autos have been a great choice for beginners.

The THC content is comparable to photoperiod marijuana strains. Photoperiod cannabis seeds take a lot longer to grow, flower and develop their rich terpene profile. For this reason, buds from photoperiod marijuana seeds have always been considered superior to that of autos. However, the evolution of cannabis genetics has come a long way. Today, records show breeders can produce auto flower seeds containing moderate to high THC levels, creating plants with a spectacular and intense high.

Some Cons You Should Know About Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Autoflower marijuana seeds cannot be cloned: Cloning is a form of asexual reproduction which involves cutting a branch from a mature female cannabis plant (referred to as a mother plant) and regrowing a new plant. Marijuana grown from its mother plant will be genetically identical, and this is what is referred to as cloning. A clone of an auto-flower marijuana plant would be the same age as its mother plant; thus, it would not develop. For this reason, auto-flower weed seeds make poor mothers and cannot be cloned.

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Flavour profile and potency: When it comes to potency, auto-flower cannabis plants may not always be the best choice partly because their short life-cycle limits their THC concentration. Photoperiod marijuana plants have more time to develop a unique flavour profile and THC concentration. As a result, it is generally reported that photoperiod marijuana plants are a lot more potent than autos. With the advancement of genetic breeding, many cannabis seed breeders cultivate auto seeds with a moderate THC concentration.

The yield may be lower: Auto-flower weed seeds begin to flower once they reach a certain age, so this often limits their growth and development. In contrast, the growth of a photoperiod plant is controlled by the light cycle which means they can remain in the vegetative stage for a more extended period and grow to greater heights and develop more potent buds.

Our Massive Autoflower Seed Bank

There are many benefits to choosing auto-flower seeds. With auto-flower marijuana seeds, online forum users report a fast harvest, multiple yearly crops, good yields, and good flavors. At Seed-City, we take pride in stocking some of the best auto-flower seeds from top breeders worldwide. So, check out which of our legendary autos interest you the most.

White Widow Autoflower Seeds

The White Widow auto flower marijuana is genuinely a legend amongst cannabis connoisseurs. She is a hybrid of the original White Widow, a photoperiod plant, and the Critical+ Autoflower. White Widow auto-flower seeds are reportedly suited for beginner growers as their complete life-cycle averages 75 to 85 days with a yield of 190 to 240 g/plant. Their THC concentration is generally low, averaging at 15%. The White Widow has been reported as creating a smooth high, quite calming and relaxing. Her flavor profile is subtle but delicious, with the expectation of bursts of sweet citrus with notes of earth, floral, and sandalwood.

Northern Lights Autoflower Weed Seeds

The Northern Lights Auto-flower seeds is an Indica dominant plant that is a hybrid of the original Northern Lights and a Ruderalis strain. Northern Lights is known as an excellent strain that can make a great addition to a cannabis connoisseurs collection . This auto strain’s average flowering time is 9 weeks, and it has been reported that a reasonable yield of 200 g/ plant (outdoors) and 550 g/m2 (indoors) is expected. A feature distinctive to this auto strain is her flavour and aroma profile, which online forum users often describe as a sweet fruity fragrance with pine and earth notes. Northern Lights boasts a moderate THC concentration of 14%. The high is reported as body-buzzing and calming.

BCN Critical Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

The BCN Critical Autoflower cannabis seeds by Seed Stockers is Seed-City’s most popular auto-flower marijuana strain. Boasting a modest THC concentration of 22%, this auto-flower strain has been reported as having a deep, long-lasting high. It’s reported that among the various auto-flowering strains, the BCN Critical Autoflower cannabis seeds are suited to both indoors and outdoor, where it has an average flowering period of 75 days. BCN Critical Mass has a sensational flavour profile, with reports of her buds producing a sweet and tangy citrus flavour. Sources show that this auto flower weed seed is very hardy, making her popular amongst a wide range of cannabis seed collectors.

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Autoflowering Seeds

Amsterdam Seed Supply offers a large range of award-winning ‘Auto-flowering’ cannabis strains. When a marijuana plant is “Auto-flowering”, it will flower automatically when it reaches a given maturity, regardless of photoperiod. Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are in almost all cases crossings (hybrids) between Cannabis ruderalis and Cannabis indica and/or Cannabis sativa, these Ruderalis strains come from the far east, where there are limited light hours that force the plant into flowering as quickly as possible to thrive and reproduce. As said before, they start to flower automatically, this in comparison to the ‘classic’ Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica which need a reduction of sun hours a day in order to flower.

Choose Amsterdam’s Legendary AutoFlowering Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are also well suited to be grown outdoors in regions that do not have many hours of sunlight per year. Places like the northern and southern hemispheres are great to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds since the limited amount of light will not affect the growth and flower cycle of the plant, nor will it get stressed into flowering less or interrupting the flower cycle altogether. This means that all our autoflowering cannabis seeds will make for great balcony plants that can be planted in the spring and harvested by the end of the summer.

Cannabis Ruderalis, the AutoFlowering Genetic

Autoflowering marijuana seeds with Cannabis Ruderalis heritage simply start to flower when they reach a certain age. These strains originate from Ruderalis genetics that includes strains like “Low Rider” (which you might spot in the genetic make-up of many autoflowering cannabis seeds) combined with the normal Indica and Sativa strains and are native from extreme regions of the world like Siberia. Most autoflowering cannabis seeds start to flower around week 3 and although autoflowering cannabis seeds have already been on the market for a while, in the last few years, the popularity of autoflowering seeds has skyrocketed thanks to the ease of growing them. It is the go-to plant of choice for up and coming growers that are looking to experiment with growing cannabis as a hobby.

It is possible that one of the few downsides to growing Autoflowering seeds is the little yield that they produce, compared to a feminized strain that can have its growth controlled to make it larger, autoflowering cannabis seeds need to be grown as quickly as possible since they will immediately begin to flower and in the worst-case scenario the plant will be so small that it would have only one cola.

Autoflower weed seeds

Autoflowering seeds, also called “Auto seeds”, are the most rapid growers and very easy to grow

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Zkittlez autoflowering seeds

Why buy autoflowering weed seeds

Because autoflower seeds are easy to grow, they are very popular with beginner growers. But also advanced growers who want quick results buy autoflowering cannabis seeds. Auto seeds are known to be able to grow almost anywhere without intensive care. Indoors as well as outdoors.

Advantages and disadvantages of autoflowering cannabis seeds


✔ No growing experience necessary and requires little care
✔ Short flowering time and quick harvest
✔ Mold resistant
✔ Little space needed because the plant does not grow large (< 100 cm)


✔ Lower yield because of the smaller size
✔ Less THC than regular and feminized seeds
✔ Once planted, you should not repot your autoflower plant.

Characteristics of autoflower weed seeds

Autoflowers are strong weed plants that require little care during their growth. This makes it very easy to grow them indoors as well as outdoors. They are mold resistant, can withstand hot and cold conditions, and do not care about the day and night cycle. As long as the plants get enough light and occasional water, you are assured of a quick harvest.


All autoflowering strains contain the ruderalis genetics. Ruderalis is a cannabis strain that was discovered in 1942 by a Russian botanist. Its genetics are distinguished by the fact that the plant flowers faster and grows smaller than other varieties. They are therefore smaller than regular seeds and feminized cannabis seeds. The yield is therefore often slightly lower.

Moreover, they regularly produce less THC than other varieties. By crossing ruderalis with feminized cannabis varieties, new autoflowering seeds have been created with the best properties of both.

Who are auto seeds suitable?

Autoflowering seeds are suitable for:

Novice growers

If you have no experience growing cannabis seeds, we recommend you start with autoflowering cannabis seeds. The chance of a successful harvest is as good as 100% because they hardly need any care.

Outdoor growing

Autoflowering seeds can easily be grown outdoors. These plants are mold resistant and can withstand cold. Indoor growing If you want to grow indoors, then autoflowering weed seeds are a safe choice. The seeds are not affected by a day or night cycle. They need little light to grow. Moreover, the plants do not grow large, so you do not need much indoor space.

Quick harvests

The choice for autoflowering seeds is easily made if you are impatient. These marijuana plants are fast growers, so the flowering time is relatively short compared to other marijuana seeds. After 50 to 70 days, you can already harvest. Please note that the yield per plant is not very large. This is partly because the plants are smaller than the plants grown from feminized seeds.

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