are weed seeds legal in illinois

Are weed seeds legal in illinois

However, the May guideline is meant for marijuana cultivators in an outdoor setting. If you grow weed indoors — you can pop marijuana seeds year-round without issue.

Law Enforcement

Once cannabis prohibition was put in place, it would take decades to reverse the course of marijuana legislation in the Prairie State.

Illinois Prohibits Cannabis

Whether you’re on the hunt for decadently potent weed or purple-hued leaves — the Black Domina Feminized seed strain is a must-have for this year’s growing season.

As with mold, the rules for pesticides vary by state. Washington doesn’t require any testing for pesticides — or heavy metals — unless the cannabis is to be certified for medical use.

James MacRae, who owns Straight Line Analytics, a cannabis consulting firm near Seattle, says Illinois’ standards — which are tougher than those in many states not only for microbiological contaminants but also for pesticides — are “consumer-friendly. Two thumbs up to whoever created that.”

What’s in Illinois’ legal weed?

This past summer, a Utah cultivator announced to much hoopla that it had grown cannabis with 45.13% THC, which would have been close to a record for potency. Subsequent tests at the urging of a medical cannabis patient advocate found the level was actually 21.71% THC.

“Numerous batches” possibly had been contaminated, state regulators said.

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Other states aren’t as strict. Much of the legal weed that failed Illinois’ testing would have passed muster in Michigan, which has much looser limits on fungal contamination than Illinois for recreational weed.