are cfl lights good for growing weed

Are cfl lights good for growing weed

Emarts are our go-to’s for CFLs as the life expectancy is quite good for the price being put into them. These plus a good reflective holder will go a long way to producing some respectable plant.

The 6 Best CFL Grow Lights

The spectrum of light that a CFL gives off is measured with kelvin, or “K”. The day-light spectrum, which is best for everything but flowering, is between 5500K and 6500K, with 6500K being the bluest and best for vegetative and seedling growth stages.

When to use CFLs

CFL lights are everywhere, so it seems a bit obvious to use them as grow lights. They’re cheap, low power, run fairly cool, and are capable of producing light of all kinds of colors.

Are cfl lights good for growing weed

However, this doesn’t make or break your cannabis growing operation. If you don’t use a warm white CFL for flowering, you won’t ruin your marijuana. This advice is more about how to set up CFL grow lights in a perfect world.

While the wattage of the light produced by the CFL bulbs is more important than the spectrum of light, optimizing the spectrum is a good idea.

CFL Grow Light Coverage

Using CFL bulbs for plants and producing marijuana on your own doesn’t have to be complicated. CFL lights are the most beginner-friendly setup. They are also the best choice for small spaces. Beginners shouldn’t grow too much for their first experience, meaning CFL lighting is a win-win for cannabis growing for beginners.


How To Grow With CFL

As mentioned, the coverage of one CFL bulb will only produce enough light exposure to about 12 inches away from the bulb itself. This means that you’ll probably need multiple lights per plant to account for lateral growth.