anti corona seeds

Anti corona seeds

Treatment with honey and Nigella sativa (also known as black cumin) was found to alleviate Covid-19 symptoms within six days, compared to 13 days in the control group.

So, wesearched for clinical trials published regarding proven efficacy of any drug against COVID-19 but unfortunately, we identified no drug proven effective against COVID-19.

In addition, subjects on the honey and Nigella sativa (HNS) treatment achieved a negative PCR test – used to diagnose Covid-19 – about four days earlier than subjects without the treatment.

Anti corona seeds

Here is what the author of the study has to say:

Kaneez Fatima Shad, Professor at the University of Technology said, “There is growing evidence from modelling studies that thymoquinone, an active ingredient of Nigella Sativa, more commonly known as the Fennel Flower, can stick to the COVID- 19 virus spike protein and stop the virus from causing a lung infection. It may also block the ‘cytokine’ storm that affects seriously ill patients who are hospitalised with COVID-19.”
She added, “advances in pharmacological development such as nanotechnology have seen the chance to overcome this barrier to enable its use as an effective oral medication. Furthermore, the drug has recently been successfully given to patients as a nasal spray and topical paste.”


If you suffer from cholesterol problems, kalonji can help by aiding total and reducing LDL cholesterol. This can help improve overall heart health.

Other health benefits of Kalonji

The consumption of kalonji as a spice is good for health but overconsumption can lead to gastrointestinal issues and other health risks. Make sure to consume Kalonji in moderation and consult your doctor before taking any kalonji supplement.

Anti corona seeds

No single food, nutrient or supplement can prevent coronavirus infection, but eating healthy helps your body fight disease. It’s all about balance. Supplements (like vitamins and minerals) can be helpful, but only if you’re not getting enough of those nutrients regularly.

Too much inflammation limits your body’s ability to fight invaders like the coronavirus. Try these foods to reduce inflammation and help your immune system.

“Short term localized inflammation is beneficial for self-healing,” says Amie Hollard, MD. “Long-lasting inflammation can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity.”

How food affects health

Supplements can actually be bad for you if you take too much at one time. Everything is best in moderation. If you have underlying or chronic health conditions, check with your primary care provider before taking them.

When invaders arrive, your body sends out an SOS signal to alert your immune system with inflammation. Inflammation is a cry for help, a declaration of war to sound the alarm against invaders.

Can supplements prevent COVID-19?

Every little bit of healthy eating helps your body fight disease more effectively. And research says that proper nutrition in hospitalized COVID-19 patients can reduce the risks of ventilation or death. Read on to find out why some foods help your body fight invaders and others don’t.

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