2 gallon pot weed grow

2 gallon pot weed grow

What IF. you use 5 gal pots and just fill them up with 3 gals of soil?

I question that I have the room for 13 5-gallon pots. Right now the plants are all around 9"-11" tall with one week to go till I flip to flowering. Though I do have 11 5-gallon square pots on hand, I think if I put them in the 5-gallon pots they will get to spread out under the single 1000w light.

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My question is will these guys get rootbound in 2 gallon pots?

Rootbound or no rootbound in 2 gallon pots?


Yup they will and you’ll have to feed them more nutes. Maybe ask how many growers have finished plants in 2 gal pots.

2 gallon pot weed grow

yes thats not even 1 square foot per plant 4 plants for 4×4 is ideal

Watering twenty plants in 1 gallon pots is gong to be a pain, and as they get big, small pots will be drying out all the time. You'll find yourself watering twice a day at the end.

These days, I only grow three or four plants in big 10 gallon pots in my 4×4 tent.