1000w led grow light for weed

Product seems very good haven’t had any problems at all

Проверенная покупка: да | Состояние товара: Новые

Проверенная покупка: да | Состояние товара: Новые

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Spectrum Grow Light Kits


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Super bright, I’m using it in a 24x48x60 tent works perfect. I will be purchasing another soon.

Good light

1000w led grow light for weed

Worry not, all of the LED grow lights we have recommended in this article are worth buying. They are all well-built and made with the necessary features, including those we have discussed in this section.

You need the best LED to grow lights for marijuana because they are better than some other options, and they save energy better. Using LED will save you the cost of energy to grow marijuana, and it will also save you time. There are many options for you to select from but let’s take a closer look at these five LED grow lights and see what makes them stand out.

The heat and noise generated by this LED device are minimal. There are ventilation holes in it, but the LED doesn’t come with a fan, making it noiseless. Rest assured that your weed won’t get burnt or stunt since the LED’s heat is low. Hence, it’s safe to position the VIVOSUN directly above the weeds. The product is packaged with VIVOSUN US rope hangers and grow glasses. You will also enjoy a three-year warranty service from the brand.

There are some critical aspects of grow lights that should be carefully observed before you can refer to them as the best for growing lights for planting marijuana indoors.

Value for Money

It’s normal for LED grow lights to increase in temperature, which makes them heat up. The high temperature of the LED is not suitable for your weed’s health. Therefore, the best-LED grow light must be constructed entirely with a cooling system such as a fan or other effective means. The cooling system will reduce the device’s temperature, and in return, the device will function well.

This LED device doesn’t consume much power so you won’t spend a lot on the electricity bill. You can use the VEG and bloom switch at your own will or use them together during the seedling and flowering phase to get a quality result from your marijuana indoor farm. At this stage, marijuana needs more energy to survive. That’s why it’s advisable to switch on the two lights during that time.


Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED Grow Light

When you begin to use this grow LED light, you will expose your weeds to excellent lighting and save yourself the expenses of electricity bills. That’s because the Spider Farmer grow LED light is constructed with the upgraded SF LED lights, which are the Samsung LM301B diodes, that deliver superior light output for higher yields.

The LED is built with the latest SMD LED version that gives the optimum power (PAR/LUMEN) output. The LED light is constructed to make your weed yield better than using other grow lights. The device doesn’t consume much energy. It only consumes 150 watts and saves about 50% in energy costs, and it has 342 LEDs.