1 gallon pot cannabis grow

Yield has a lot of factors involved in it. From personal experience, yield in soil has a lot more to do with root system/medium amount than any other. I personally grow in hydroton, 2 gallon ebb and grow systems, and have harvested up to 1.5 lbs per bucket/plant. I average about a lb. per bucket, but with CO2 that can be augmented.

I dont care what medium, what type of system i just want to know how much you guys have pulled or averaged using only a 1 gallon containment system per plant.

Most will say no way, but I will post some pics of my monsters.


The problem with running small pots if your running something like a DWC is keeping it filled. I’m running 2 gallon DWCs right now and I’m about six weeks into flowering now, the plants are drinking the nearly the entire res every day. Before this grow I grew in a 3 gallon DWC and that I think was the optimal size.

Take whatever i say with a grain of salt though, i am just going by memory.


I ran across a thread that said yield is equal to pot size, so a 1gal pot can yield about 1oz; 2gal pot, 2oz; etc.. But then, a few posts have claimed to pull out larger amounts from pots.

like the title says im curious to see what my fellow canagraphers can yiled using only a 1 gallon pot?

1 gallon pot cannabis grow

I have recently started doing specific sizes during my grows. if you have notice in my journals that i’ve i kept at least one plant at full size in a 1 gal pot and 1 in a 2 gal pot. to see difference in yield from change in container size not plant size. but as well as one is Indica and the other sativa. but with only 2 plants of each kinda size container i really only have 2 sets of test subjects. i was wondering if anybody would like to help me out with this.

and the yields i have and are still in the process of are really just numbers cause i dont have anything to compare.

1 gallon pot cannabis grow

I’m going to give several examples with pictures, but here’s the general formula we use to determine what yields can be expected for a new grow light. This is not exact in any way since every grow light is different, but it’s a good place to start if you’re looking for a ballpark figure.

This article covers how to estimate and improve yields based on your setup. However, you and your actions are ultimately the most important variables.

Grow Lights and Yield Estimates

This was grown under a 250W HPS in the same tent

Small pots (3-5 gallons)

How This Works

What cannabis yields can you expect to harvest from a specific grow light or setup? Plant size and coverage under the light are common limiting factors. Big, wide plants can produce more weed than little ones.